The Eighth Weasley's Mind Palace

Hello there fellow Tumblrnauts, My name is Bradly, I'm 16, from England and welcome to my Mind Palace.
On your right you will see Hogwarts, whose students (with the help of the Avengers) are currently dealing with a nasty outbreak of Walkers. On your left you will see Winterfell, which was once a peaceful city, but everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked, not even The Hogfather himself could help. If you look past Mount Doom you will see the Tributes from each district getting ready to fight to the death over a TARDIS, and to the left of that is Port Royale, where The Jackdaw is currently docked. Welcome to Nightvale, we are currently being criticized by an angry drunken man with AMAZING cheekbones insisting he is 'Clueing for Looks.' His boyfriend looks pretty embarrassed, Maybe he should settle for an Angel who will grip him tight and save him from perdition.


a fairytale where a young girl is kidnapped and forced to marry a demon king and instead of being like no! never! shes like fine as long as i get to help you destroy and hes like lol cool but soon shes doing a bit too much and her husband king is like okay enough power and shes like bye see you in the dungeon and hes like what and hes dragged away cause now everyone is more loyal to her and she reigns over the underworld and the surface world with a cold iron fist

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Tom Hiddleston signed a book while Douglas Booth kept watch.


avoiding hate like


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Not really feelin this whole school college work until I die thing

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